Cookie Cutter Crescent Wrench

I think I hit my limit for the day morning pages. I keep telling myself I’ll have more energy to draw in a little bit, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. My eyes are hurting and it feels like I cracked my skull. It was a great day, I drew a lot and even finished my first sketchbook. Boy am I tired though. I could feel my eyes and hands were moving differently towards the end and that’s basically what I was after, push myself to a new level of working. I don’t know what the rest of the trip will have in store. I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I can’t look at art books too much. In my mind I basically have to wait and not give into boredom. Dealing with the bored mind is a constant battle and the more of those fights I win, the better I will become at it and will waste less time. The cycle I’m talking about is something like I want to draw, but that’s work so I sit for a minute until my mind gets bored and says I’ll watch a youtube video till I get the energy. Hours later I have a headache from watching too many videos and the day is gone. Today was a good day, it’s just hard to remind myself of that when I feel so beat. I think another element is I need reading glasses, but I don’t use them for drawing and I might need to. The way my eyes feel now is how they felt when I would read for awhile before I had glasses. In both cases the feeling could just be that my eyes are strained and exhausted. Maybe the glasses wouldn’t help and I just used my eyes more than they’re used to. Regardless these are just growing pains, which is good, I’m growing.

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