I wish I could use a Beatles verse for every Title

Hey morning pages, I’m back home now. I had a pretty wild experience this morning helping a guy jump his car that I may get to, but I’ve been thinking more about my weekend. One of the ways I’ve been beating myself up is that I feel weak and beaten. If I feel weak after only a weekend of work, maybe I’m not cut out for this, but the angle I was thinking of now is that being exhausted is a good thing. I went out there to work all weekend and to the best of my abilities, that’s what I did. That’s not a pleasant experience, living at your office for the weekend. I don’t know if I told you, but I brought my office desk from home, so I essentially moved my studio to this tiny home where it was my studio and a bed. There was actually another bed in the loft, but I had a sketch board and books next to the bed. Shoot, I had about four drawing books and a sketchbook in bed with me, that’s a different experience than vacation. It’s a hard decision to make as well, it’s like going to the gym while on a cruise. The gym is open 24/7 and you’ve got nothing but free time, but oh look there’s a game of bingo and an open bar. I’ll wear my wounds with pride and attempt again in the future. I can only hope to be better as time goes on and if I keep trying to be better everyday; I’ll get there. In the mean time the trip helped me put together a good schedule to have going forward. It’s weird to say I had a lot of fun because I was completely isolated yesterday until 1 pm when I texted my wife. I got five hours of drawing in by that time. That’s five hours of pencil to pad too. I was timing it on a stop watch to keep myself from allowing distractions. I’m excited moving forward and looking towards 2020, is it something you think about? A new decade. What were the 2010’s about and what will the 2020’s hold for us?

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