Take a seat, stay awhile

My dog pouting before I left last weekend

Back to the grind again, am I right? Everyday I write out the date I can’t believe it’s the end of the year. I was doing a little spring cleaning to get things ready for the new year. A lesson I’ve learned from a lifetime of failure is that life is going to happen. When life does happen, you can’t abandon ship and say there’s no point in ever leaving your comfort zone because every time you do, things don’t go according to plan.

That also doesn’t mean I shouldn’t plan things, so that’s what I was doing this morning. I’m preparing things so I am more likely to accomplish the daily tasks I have planned. If you need specifics, I had mentioned cancelling my membership at the YMCA and I was going to join a different gym that would be cheaper. In the mountains I decided to give home gyming another go because that’s even cheaper plus it saves on driving time. It is another example of working from home though and we all know how difficult that can be. The randomness that appears as soon as you sit down to do some work is what I mean when I say life happens. For me, what’s helpful in dealing with randomness is not treating what I’m doing as a precious activity that has to get done or my life was a waste. No one needs that sort of pressure, especially not when I’m talking about drawing and staying physically healthy. If I do what I can consistently, subtle but big changes happen. Take these morning pages for example, in a sense writing them is like doing nothing, but I don’t know if anything has had a bigger impact on my life. I hope I never stop writing them. A montra I like to live by is, “Know Thyself”. Nothing helps me do that more than taking the time each day to check in with myself.

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