The party hats will be ready by tonight

This is it, as far into the year as we’re gonna get. I’m writing this nearly first thing in the morning, a bit of a throw back since lately I’ll write at a random time during the day. Part of me is hoping to stay up until midnight and write my first morning page for 2020 then, but there’s a strong chance I’ll be in bed by 10 pm. Though I should stay up because it would be more memorable and it’s the only day of the year where staying up late means anything. Oh yeah, I think it was my intention to write down some new year’s resolutions. I figure shoot for the stars, so if we miss we land on the clouds. First, this year I plan to become the greatest portrait artist ever to live and I’ll sell my first million dollar painting. I hope to increase the time spent drawing every month, that also implies consistently practicing. A soft promise I’d like to make is anytime I leave the house, I take a sketchbook with me, and start using it for Gilgamesh’s sake! It would be nice to finish copying the Bridgman and Bargue drawings, but I honestly don’t know how long that will take. I will keep chopping away at it though. Other than continuing to work on those drawings, I don’t have any thoughts, goals, or desires with drawing and subsequently my life. Bridgman offers me short, medium and long term goals. Draw this picture, copy all the pictures in this book, become a better artist. Well the library opens in an hour and a half, so I’ve still got some time to kill before then, hopefully it’s not too cold. I opened the door to let the dog out this morning and was reminded that we’re still in the middle of winter. We had a few days of warmth to trick our senses, but now it’s time for work.

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