I really thought I had em last time

My studying process

In writing this everyday, I write the date each day and I’m going to be screwing that up a lot. That might be the biggest change for me in the new year, I had to take a couple seconds longer to write the date. I did manage to stay up until midnight, the wife and I watched the ball drop on time square’s youtube channel. That is a sentence that wouldn’t have made sense to anyone from a time that I can remember watching the ball drop as a kid. I heard some people talking about how close humans are to bridging the gap between being able to think with a computer. Read a story about a blind guy who is able to code with his thoughts. These are very strange times. Does it mean that we would let humanity die because everyone would have a little more ease? What does it mean for the soul when the human brain and a computer chip are seamlessly connected? To me it feels a little bit like the “human” part dies.

I know I went off on a bit of a tangent there, but I also bought a big white board from walmart as a reward for accomplishing my 30 days of drawing. The next challenge starts tomorrow. Round 2 and this time I mean business. It’s just going to be grinding away with drawing. I feel like part of me is going to blink and the month will be over, then I’ll blink again and I’ll be celebrating my wife’s birthday in March. Last year felt like it flew by so fast that I’m afraid the years only get faster and before I know it I’ll be blinking and 20 years pass. As long as I’m doing what I choose to be doing, I see no reason to fear life or death.

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