A Tragedy in One Post

My goodness it’s already January third, I thought the year just started and it’s already halfway over. The wife told me we’re going to dinner tomorrow with some other doctor couple, I might have some stuff to say about that tomorrow so stay tuned. What I did want to talk about is my challenge to myself. I’ve been feeling tired about it already so I wanted to look back at when I started my last 30 day challenge.

Sorry my wife bought some makeup/ skin care stuff from Sephora and is opening it next to me while I write this. It’s very cute because she’s so excited. She made the joke, “I’ll pretend they’re like Christmas presents from you.” I don’t think I would have picked out anything better than this. It’s just really interesting because I could walk by hundreds of dollars of this stuff and think someone left out their trash but there’s value in it to her, so I enjoy watching the experience.

Back to the matter at hand, I have to draw at least one hour day. Last month was 30 minutes a day. I’m allowed to draw more and hopefully do, but not less. Next month I hope to draw for an hour and a half and increase 30 minutes a day every 30 days for as long as I can. 30 minutes isn’t that big of a time increment so it seems feasible. I just feel tired today. After I started, I was off to the races and blew past the hour, so this is a message to chris 30 days into the future. It’s going to feel like this every time you increase the challenge and you’ll feel you want to slack off. Put up with it for a week and you won’t even notice the work anymore. If you’re too tired, just aim for the bare minimum and if you do miss a day, it’s expected, you’re going to slip up, what’s important is to try and get back on the horse the next day. You can do this, stay the path.

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