Ahh Saturday, the Great Equalizer

I woke up this morning and went for a run to punish myself for not working out lately. I also started weighing myself again lately. I had been ignoring it during the holiday because it wasn’t really that bad and it would just be impossible to enjoy myself and enforce a diet. I really don’t want to consciously diet for the rest of my life and I know that if I run every morning, I will stay thin, but that’s a lot of mental effort. Anyway I ran this morning and it was nice, I really do enjoy running and it wasn’t too cold, but had a bit of mist because it had been raining. Now on one side my mind, I can give myself some slack for not working out lately because it has been raining for the last two days and my set up is meant to be outside. I wonder if that killed a lot of new year’s resolutions already by raining Jan 2nd & 3rd. 

The run did me good though, I also got my drawing work in, I’m working on this picture of a horse that I’m hoping to finish by Monday night to post on instagram. That’s the thing about posting regularly on social media is you begin to feel an obligation to the work and I want it to continue to get better. It’s one thing to suck and continuing to suck, but I think it’s more embarrassing to be good and make something bad. I know it doesn’t matter and if I have to I won’t post on social media or only post when I have something, but in the mean time the deadlines I’ve given myself seem doable and I’m enjoying myself while learning. If I do finish this piece by Monday though, I’m planning to put a little money into promoting the post. I’m mostly interested in what promoting does and if the effects are noticeable. I’d also like to get around to promoting my blog but for both I feel I don’t want to pay to promote something unless I think it was a good piece of art.

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