Why I will probably go to the library less

For starters because I can’t have coffee or even a sip of water while working without looking over my shoulder. Literally a couple of weeks ago a guy came over to me and told me I wasn’t allowed to have water and that he saw me drink it. That’s fine, I get it, but here’s a counter position. All these books will last forever because no one has ever been near them. The books might last longer if we prohibit people from being allowed to open them. This is my problem with rules and laws, it’s good to have them because a spill can ruin books, but it’s up to a person to enforce those rules. We’re hoping the person put in change makes the right decision on when they need to step in. I think that was a bad call on that person’s behalf. I know it’s a weakness of my own that I can’t let it go, but the place is filled with either the homeless or children, there’s an armed guard at the door. I know how to hold my drink with two hands.

That’s just a rant I’ve had to get out of my head, it isn’t the deepest reason why I’d go to the library less, winter probably is. I ride my bike there and I know it proves to myself that I’m committed to the cause, but it also makes me less likely to put in that work, on top of taking more energy. I have a really good studio set up at home and if I take the dog on two walks, I can probably get a solid 3 hours of work. Not that I’m holding myself accountable to be working that long everyday yet. Well I put in my 300 words today, I’m going to work on drawing drapery.

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