What do you want to tell the world today?

Initial sketch

I want to tell the world that I’m alive! There is a thought, that’s an important idea to remember, but it’s not a normal one to have. A person would have to go far off the path to arrive at that conclusion. First it requires a willingness to ask those sorts of question. If you’re struggling every minute to get by, you don’t have the peace of mind to be asking if you exist. The realities of life bang on your door everyday. On the contrary though, a person who has their needs met doesn’t need to ask this question, there is only pain to be had on the other side. When the seas are calm, you don’t curse the gods. René Descartes set off on that path, his idea being  what if I were tricked by a devil to believe everything is fake, what could I know for sure? Take a moment to appreciate the absurdity of how a person can even phase this question to themselves. Add on top that possibly no one has phrased this questioned together before in human history. This is what I think Isaac Newton meant when he said, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” Anyway, the conclusion that Descartes comes to is something like, “I think, therefore I know I exist.” (I think therefore I am) I like to shorten it and maybe specify it by saying, there is a thought. While I am saying this sentence, the argument of there being a thought is labeled true. Of course you could go on repeating that every second and know you’re alive, but you tend to get bored and take it on good faith.

Here’s an interesting thought I had recently because I heard there might be a new war starting. I don’t know if I’ve ever been to Iraq. I believe I was because it was quiet the elaborate hoax, but when push come to shove in this argument, I don’t know if any of these countries of people exist. I guess I don’t know if anyone outside of my house exists: There is a thought. Strange to think about followers. If I have anyone that regularly follows this, you should let me know you exist by commenting. It would be interesting to meet someone who I know nothing about, but they know my inner thoughts. Anyway The pictures posted represent the steps between a piece I’m posting on Instagram tonight, you should check it out and follow me there at drawingmylifeaway124

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