The Universe, The Book

This is a cube

Hey, sorry about missing yesterday, I’ll try to be better. The wackiest thing happened to me and I got really tangled up. Wacky things seem to happen to me a lot, maybe I should start telling stories about frog races. That reminds me, I’m writing a book. It’s really the story of my life and I don’t know if it will ever be finished, but I figured since I’m committing myself to write 300 words a day, why don’t we make that something constructive and I’ll write my book in the process. 

Here’s how my story starts. In the beginning there was always the infinite. Since the idea existed, it consumed all. This is the situation humans are born into, everyone of us. No one chooses to be born and you certainly don’t choose the time, place, or parents. We’re thrown randomly into a timeline, we can peak a little into the past and imagine what the near future might hold. A life of three score and a decade is enough to experience several futures. It’s no coincidence then that 7 is a holy number and a decade feels like a time frame we can understand. Then the question arises, what are we suppose to do? Why are we here? We have to answer that question and it is not a fun search. If you ask me, the answer is work. I’m putting my faith into work. Joseph Cambell would say, “Follow your bliss.” I completely agree and will say I mean 99% of what he means at the same time. This is a story with a hero. The infinite is born, but is contradictory so it doesn’t belong in this world. The problem must be taken care of for humans to not go insane. With work we can at least ignore it, but is that the solution. No, it leads us to transcend our humanity, we become infinite and go silent.

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