Serving up a side of existential dread

Maybe someday I’ll get around to writing that book. I wanted myself to answer the question, “What does evil do?” The problem is that was a prompt prepared by yesterday Chris, today Chris is a completely different person, he doesn’t want to talk about evil. I mean I do and always want to, but what can I solve. A lot probably, but I don’t know, I’m just feeling a little dumpy right now. Things are going well, I’ve been running pretty regularly, the work is getting done. I guess there’s just this part of me that will never be satisfied and I have to make peace with that. Now that is conquering the dragon. 

What I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is making new habits. Maybe a lot of other people are too, around now a lot of people have probably given up on their new years resolutions. This speaks to the problem of only setting a goal once a year, you never get good at accomplishing goals. You only get better at forming a new habit by failing to create it. Everyone knows it’s hard to create new habits, the way you do it is you don’t stop after you fail. You keep failing and eventually you’ll fail a little less. That’s what progress looks like in the real world, not a line graph with a constant slope. I painted my hand today for my hour of drawing time. It turned out decent enough for painting a little longer than an hour. I’ve been succeeding a lot with art lately and it makes me very excited to see what the future could hold if I keep this behavior up. I really am too hard on myself. Maybe I’ll dump myself as a friend.

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