Write for Rights Sake

When I last left off in my book, I had the infinite. It seems to be a problem because in the face of it we are nothing and actions are meaningless. I always believed that doing the right thing was only good if a person’s primary motivation for doing it was because they thought it to be good. Personal motivations will only sully the act. Imagine if everyone only acted in what they really thought was the right thing to do. Maybe it wouldn’t solve all problems, but the differences between people will be a lot narrower. To better illustrate this lifestyle, I’ll begin to explore some motivations. 

If people only did what they thought was right, there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic. That is one issue that probably leads to the majority of health problems in America that can be addressed from multiple levels. When looking at any philosophy of life or preferably any issue in life, they should be examined at multiple levels. Maybe a solution fails on one level but is such an improvement at another level that it’s a net positive. An example of multiple levels for the problem of obesity, first is the individual, there’s also the roles parents have on how their kids eat, how society handles food coupled with money as well as how society treats people who are overweight. The body will respond when it is full, I’ve been there, I’ve eaten so much that I feel like I’m going to burst. There’s still half a slice of cheese cake left though. The body is saying, “Eating more is the wrong thing to do.” The person even knows it’s wrong, I did, the mind can read what the body is telling it, but the mind wants the pleasure brought about by cheese cake. This way of living challenges the infinite.

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