Day of Recognizing

One of my drawings from last night

What a whirlwind of a day. I met up with Lee today to see if I would like to do some work for him and it went well. I talked to one of the guys from woodworking that was a philosophy major, and I reached out to him! Had a good drawing day, did dinner with my wife(the title was something she said), and Eminem released a new album!!! I guess now I should go more in depth on those subjects, that’s how I was taught to write my five paragraph essay. What a stupid concept, lets teach you the only way to make an argument, everyone structure your writing to be the same, it’s not a creative art. For anyone that was taught differently, I was taught your essay should be 5 paragraphs, in the first paragraph first sentence you state your stance on an issue. The rest of the paragraph is used to provide three supporting arguments. The next three paragraph will be about their corresponding argument in paragraph one. In the end, paragraph five is essentially a rewording of every sentence in paragraph one. I think there is some good to the five paragraph essay format as a building block and I’m not perfectly portraying it, but it felt to me that I went from writing a five paragraph essay in high school to writing a 10 page paper in college without anyone explaining how to make that jump. I supposedly went to a good school too, but I dropped out my junior year because I thought some teachers were idiots, so who knows. There was also talk that one teacher had my older brother two years before and she was acting out frustration for him on me. Well hopefully in the future I’ll be able to tell you about my three arguments, but I’m really happy with how these seas are looking.

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