To the dreams you’ve been waiting for

Would AI want to live forever?

Welcome back Chris, we’ve been waiting for you. Tell us more of your secrets. I need a compelling story and the only way you’ll be a good character is to have more depth. Then you’ll be replaced with a robot version… nah this whole line of thought is trash. I liked the idea of my morning pages welcoming me, but what could be the motivation of them, they’re a machine and if they did want to clone me, it’d be a waste of time because they’ll only have data of my past. People could say, “That’s how deep learning works” and sure for simple things, but real AI would need an introspection. I wonder if giving a program a death date could cause sentience to emerge. I can’t decide if the robots would have a known assigned date or it would be random. If it is random, then then it’s a bit like real life, they wouldn’t know they’re going to die. Here’s the thing in the end that a clone can only be like me until that moment they were cloned, once we separate, they’ll be thinking about my memories through the lens of the life they go on to live and my lens will continue to be reforged by my future. This is why I say every night I die when I go to sleep, every morning a new person is born. They may have one more memory than I had and they may have one less, but I simple woke up and have to choose what to do with the time. It’s a miracle that we can do any planning for a future self that we’ll never get to be instead of rotting away by instinctual actions. Sheesh that was a lot deeper than I thought I was gonna get having a conversation with my journal. This is why I can’t have simple things.

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