Two things I’ve been listening to lately are Jordan Peterson and Eminem

I like this logo

I love you morning pages, but you are an illusive beast. Everyday I have to pray the muses are gracious enough to visit me so I’m not left empty handed. I don’t really ever plan on looking back at my morning pages, though I do like the concept of seeing what I was thinking this time a year ago. I’ve done it once or twice before and actually use the hashtag for books whenever I want to separate writing to be reviewed some day. I think I will look at last year to see what I wrote on this day. I was still fairly new to the morning pages at that point and would sometimes go up to five days without writing, so it’s possible I didn’t write anything exactly a year ago. I’ll report back in the next paragraph.

That was a lot of fun, so to sum up the writing my wife and I had recently got back from our vacation in Jamaica. We thought we’d be smart and escape to a warm place during the winter, but we came back and got sick from the temperature shifts. This time last year I was feeling better and had done the first day of a painting workshop about painting the outdoors. I painted some trees that turned out alright, but noticed that I take on challenges that are too big. The next day I remembered doing a painting that was much simpler, but I’m really happy with how it came out. Let’s hope that lesson is learned. Also this time last year my wife was on call, I feel like that’s a little joke between us.Today I primed some panels for a painting class I’ll have in February. Some things never change, at least I didn’t get sick. Fingers crossed. During this time last year I was writing mantras to myself. There are three that I had written five times each.

  • I am who I want to be
  • I have decided that I’m good enough
  • If I fail, I fail forward

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