20 lbs of lobster meat can fill a 13 gallon trashcan

Someone once asked me something like what was my favorite cereal and I told them I like blue foods. Blue lobsters look really cool, though I don’t think the pigment changes the taste. They might even taste worse than a normal lobster for reason only the lobster psychologist can tell us. I do enjoy the taste of lobster, I had it a couple weeks ago to celebrate how successful my wife is at her job. Whenever I treat lobster as a luxury food I think about at one point in history a law had to be made that prisons in new england weren’t allowed to feed their prisoners lobster more than three times a week. Can you imagine the poor souls being locked up, having to eat lobster everyday. I suppose we don’t know the condition of the meal. Maybe they were just throwing a live lobster inside a cell and whoever survives in the new prisoner. Goes to show even something like our taste buds end up being culturally connected. Lobsters are the cockroaches of the ocean, so they say at least. Not sure what they mean exactly because I’ve see CRs before and there’s not a lot of meat on them. Though I’ve never tried them before. This next bit might be a little hard to read. Imagine coming and see a big pot simmering, “what’s for dinner honey?” Oh, I’m boiling us some CRs.  Maybe if they came in a range of colors, people would enjoy them as pets. A joke I’m sure I’ll make in the future when I see a blue lobster is to ask, “Do you think it tastes blueberry or raspberry?” Then there’s always the big debate of does cotton candy taste blue or pink. Maybe it’s the cotton is blue and the candy is pink.

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