There has probably never been a human as brilliant as I

I’m writing this with music in my ears, so I thought my train of thought might be a bit sporadic. I then realized, that’s every time I write. The music is Bach’s mass in B minor. It’s honestly wild that this sort of stuff exists and that it’s no longer the height of culture. I had this idea that instead of watching YouTube videos, sometimes I should just write, that’s what would make me a good writer and more of a philosopher. Well maybe I’ll give it a try, but it’s energy and that was what I wanted to talk about. I’m tired. I hate that I’m tired, but there’s also nothing I can do about it now that I am tired. It means I need to rest, but if I want to be less tired in the future I have to willfully go running back to work as soon as I can. I already did my drawing today, so that’s good. I also wanted to talk about this idea that seems to be referred to as post-modernists. I’m imagining modern refers to the age of science and post-modernists would refer to life that has been transformed by its luxuries. We’re obviously living in a land of milk and honey, well at least if you’re in America, but I think every country in the world has a higher quality of life than it did 50 years ago. 

There’s also this tendency to only think in extremes these days, of course I’m a product of this, I just take everything to its extremes. That ends up turning myself into a mirror that I point at society. I think people need to move away from any debate where only two views are offered as possible solutions. Someone might use as an argument against me, that there are still people suffering in the world, so things aren’t better. Maybe people don’t have water in Flint, MI still, but you’re crazy if you think Americans aren’t practically on life support with the number of machines they rely on compared to 50 years ago. 

Lifestyles are more comfortable than they were in the past, but that doesn’t mean life is better. The idea is sold as progress means improvement and I’m not saying life isn’t better, I’m saying the ideas are not related. There’s an argument to be made that the machines create a disconnect between individuals and our sense of community is weaker, that a quality of life is better judged by an individual’s community. We’re sold the idea that things keep improving though, that’s the collective narrative and my connection to my definition of post-modernists is things keep getting better because of science. Science will not save our souls, people feel this, so they know there’s a lie in what they’re being sold. Some people will go on accepting the life is good script, they will probably live good enough lives with little meaning. I would relate that life to what Nietzsche called moral cowardice. What I think happens to a lot of people and what leads to the shaky times it feels like we’re living in are is they stop buying the script and when they look around they see things aren’t always good. They turn on their parents then, whether literal or generational, because they feel lied to. It’s similar to a child being told Santa doesn’t exist. No one wanted to tell the child when they were too young because childhood should be enjoyed, but we don’t need lies to enjoy our lives. Humans are incredibly resilient and can handle hardship. What people struggle with is when they find out the entire community has been lying to them, possibly laughing behind their back. It sends my post-modernist into a frenzy that wants to destroy everything, where if we played the kid Bach as a baby, they would have already known.

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