S, C and Straight Lines

Today is going pretty well. I cleaned the carpets today because it hadn’t been done in awhile, but also I’m having my friend John and his wife over for dinner tomorrow. It should be a lot of fun since he was a philosophy major in college and we’ve had two hour conversations that just fly by. Drawing was good today too, I was a little tired from going out last night, but I got through it. I was flipping through the book that I’m studying from because I moved on to a new section that included heads in perspective, which thank goodness for that, but the stuff I’ll be doing in the future looks really exciting too. It’s a shame I won’t be able to finish it all before my portrait painting class, but what I do get done will only make me better. Plus on Monday I’m going go try going to live model portrait drawing sessions I heard about. My class will be Monday nights so I don’t know if I’ll go to both at the same time because it will be beneficial to warm up and be focusing, but I don’t want to spread myself too thin and have it effect my painting.

 I’ve got pretty much all I want to do accomplished for the day, so I’m about to kick back and relax. I might play some Star Dew Valley later. It’s just a relaxing world to pass some time in and if we have energy tonight, my wife and I are going over to a guy’s house to watch an old zombie movie. I’ve met him once before and he seems pretty chill like we’d get along. We just haven’t been able to spend time together, but now it’s time to take a nap with the pup. He’s already fallen asleep on me.

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