Playing the Waiting Game

We’re waiting for John and his wife to come over in an hour. I gave the house a good cleaning today, so that was nice, don’t have to worry about that for awhile. I don’t think I’m going to do Christfest again this year, but when I did that and had the Christmas party it was a good way to do a deep clean twice a year. We didn’t have the Christmas party this year either, so I guess that house needed it. Pretty much what happens during winter is most of the house gets closed off to conserve warmth. We’ve basically only used the bedroom and a living room for months, the rest had some dust accumulation, but nothing too bad. Cleaning the carpets was the big thing I wanted to do, but watching the carpet cleaner I’m a little concerned if the vacuum that sucks up the moisture was working because by the end the collection tank was still fairly empty. I’ll just have to take it to my neighborhood carpet cleaner repairman. 

I was working on a drawing of a guy readying a crossbow that had some sort of mechanical drawing. Drawing as in pulling back the string. I like the feeling of the image because crossbows have a metal ring at the end to put your foot through, the foot then provides a counter weight to the pulling of the string. Why I like it is because it gives a little bit of mundane life to an otherwise action oriented character. I need to get a colored piece for Monday anyway, so hopefully I’ll finish it before then. After that I think will kick off Figuary. There are these two YouTube channels that work together for figure drawing everyday in the month of February, so I’ll be doing a lot of that. I’m still working on getting through the videos from last Figuary.

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