Ring of Wrinkles

Whenever I sit down to write these my brain is instantly spitting out words, I guess that’s the benefit of a habit. Dang, I’ve been doing this almost everyday for over a year, so it really is a habit now. I’ve been drawing everyday for at least 50 days, so it’s pretty cool to be forming that as a habit. They’re both good habits to have, writing and drawing, especially for someone like me that has creative thoughts that needs to get out. Probably why these habits have been beneficial to me is if I don’t get creative energy out, it turns on itself by questioning “What is a question?” That was a line that came up yesterday with John. That type of thinking destroys the fabric around your self. I’d mentioned before problems with the infinite, so there is no bedrock. Another idea we were talking about is the importance of religion because it acts as a bedrock, part of the idea of faith is you can’t prove anything but you hold those beliefs to be true so more can be built on top of it. Otherwise you spend your life questioning everything and go no where.

Anyway the point I was trying to get to before my mind ran away was that I sit down to write this, but have to write the date and my current word count so I know when I’ve done at least 300 words. As soon as I open up the document to start writing, my mind thinks a gun has gone off and we’re off to the races. I’m like, “No, no, get back here” because by the time I’ve written the date my brain is already three sentences in. Now look at me, I’m reaching the end of my writing for the day and I’ve barely expressed my first though. I’ll leave you with this, last night was fun, but socializing with people is exhausting.

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