I’m trying to do something here

Good evening, everyone please take your seats, the lesson is about to begin. First off I’d like to start by thanking our esteemed guests for joining us. We have some of the best and brightest, coming in from all over. I can’t even begin to start. Today, I cleaned a lot for some guy that lives on a mountain, it was pretty fun. We talk about all sorts of things and I’m helping him clean up the space around himself because frankly I don’t know if he’s ever thrown something away in his life. He makes lots of paintings though and they’re nice to see and occasionally talk about. I also don’t mind the work. It’s slightly physical and mental in figuring out how to clean this place up. The “one” room we’re working on is larger than the entire house I’m living in and there was barely more than standing room in it before today. We got a nice chunk of that cleared out to where a couple chairs could lay out for people to sit and talk. I get to feel a little accomplished and come home to my house where I can pretty much see 100% of my floors. Other than that it’s just been business as usual, I’ve got live drawing coming up tomorrow, a painting class that starts Monday, and February is figuary where I’ll be practicing figure drawing everyday. I’ve got to sign up for this painting conference I want to go to. That will be a wild event if I attend. We could be looking at some major shifts in my personality this year. Not to mention this will be the first full season with my plants in the ground. You better bet you best bottom biscuit we’ll be blooming beautiful bounties.

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