Spring is Coming

I received a delivery of a walnut tree and an olive tree

I’m feeling good right now. I went to therapy today so that was an achievement. I was spitting fire there too. We watched a video and when the teacher was talking about it wondered what year it was made, I was on it. “2015” I said with all the authority of the world. I watched a video about philosophy of art and beauty today, it’s really got all three of my eyes super charged. I feel the need to be doing some paintings. Hopefully that is in my near future, but it requires energy. Drawing is the number one priority 

I’ve been wondering what I’d like my story to be lately. If I could be anything, what would I want to be? Mostly a a good person. Making characters in games I always like the paladin class because they weren’t brutish like the barbarian/warrior class, but could still handle themselves in physical combat. They fought for a purpose, paladins could also usually use magic, or in their cases it can often only be healing. My confirmation name was picked after a priest who was also a soldier. It’s funny because I don’t really know much beyond that. I’m going to have to read about him because the actual story could have a huge influence on my life. I’ve started reading the bible recently and that is really interesting. What a wild relationship western culture has with that book. Societies built around teachings next to no one has read. If I want knowledge about what it means to be human, there is no book that should be higher on my reading list. I was also raised Catholic, so there is a lot of guilt about ideas that I don’t even know if they’re really Christian ideas, could just be something a random person said, no one knows unless they actually go searching.

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