Ye Sea of Vipers

You’re looking at a banana without the peel. I’ve been exposed and stripped down to my fruits. Now I’ll be easier to digest. I spoke to a stranger today about many thing, so many things I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole incident. In my life I have not met a lot of people that know how to speak this certain way. To explain how we were speaking, just about every sentence was true from at least three different levels of analysis. That sort of thing becomes hard to keep track of because the conversations can branch inside of those meanings and you have to look for certain wording to know the position a person takes on one particular level, but it might not have any effect on the other, and it still has to make sense on he surface level as a grammatical sentence. I know this sounds like I’m just describing any conversation, but it was a wild ride, a genuine work out. I wasn’t prepared for it either, I was just taking the dog for a walk, then blam, “What are your values on everything and how can we know these are our values?” sort of thing. An interesting argument he introduced me to was, “Can ‘not so’ be voted ‘so’?” If you’re wondering, it can’t, but it’s what our society attempts to do all day everyday. Imagine saying that to a stranger and then talking to them for 20 minutes. There’s no limit to that sort of conversation, and it’s the response to it that lets the other person know what sort of mind they’re dealing with. What most people don’t realize is that their thoughts put things in boxes, which they need to be put into boxes because if you have thoughts strung all around, it’s hard to get anything done. I’ve spent a lot of time in the primordial soup though and have gotten decent enough control over thoughts without prescribing them meaning, but it’s exhausting.

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