That’s gonna do it for me

Well that’s interesting. I just looked at my hand and it was glowing red. Now that could be from sticking my hands inside some burning coals earlier, or the red shift from my screen could be really bright. I guess I’ll never know. I told that stranger yesterday that I was born again. He spoke my language and knew what I was saying, shoot he was probably surprised that I could understand him. I’m only barely convinced that man wasn’t a ghost. Who says those sorts of things. He was in jail for a couple months and was also in some sort of psych ward for a month where he said they drugged him. That man was state certified crazy and I’ve never met someone speak more truth. What does that say about me? I know I’m not wrong, but how do I get people to listen. An argument I thought of was Kanye West. That man has access to another plane of existence and anyone can see that. That’s what makes art, the greeks called it muses; the spirits would work through you. It doesn’t make sense to science though. Of course it doesn’t, no one would try and solve art with science, or at least they should be laughed out of any university. There are problems that science can’t solve. What is justice, beauty, love? Seeing an MRI doesn’t begin to explain what it means to be alive. Here’s my problem, I could convince anyone of this and it would probably be of benefit to their life, but no one’s listening, I have to just shout it out into the void. You know what they say, “Stare into the abyss long enough and the abyss stares into you.”

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