This is what I deserve

I know, I know, I missed another day. Yesterday was a mistake. I had a good routine for when I would write my morning pages and yesterday was the first day of my portrait painting class. It was the focus of a lot of my attention and this slipped through the cracks. I’m getting weary of myself because I feel very tired as of late and I have to be sure I’m not pushing myself too hard. There are somethings that I’d like to do that lately I haven’t been able to. It’s possible I’ve been struck by allergies recently because I know to expect them around this time of year, I thought it was a little early for pollen to be spreading though with the arrival of my trees last week, that does sort of mark the beginning of spring. Anyway, I’ll be trying to do less so I can do more. The feeling I’ve had lately is I feel so exhausted in the morning that I think I need to go back to bed, but I can’t sleep because I’m fully rested. That’s what makes me think allergies, that I’ve got odd exhaustion.

The painting class went good though, I felt pretty comfortable there and that’s what matters. There are people who are newer to the art form and it’s interesting to be made aware of all the information I had to learn to get to this point that I don’t think about anymore. One guy had a tube of acrylic paint with his oils. Sure acrylic or oil is easy to see, but to someone new it’s just paint. Then there’s brushes, mediums, supports, pallets and this is all before any painting happens. I’ve learned a lot of that stuff, so I can have the opportunity to paint. Now it’s about doing it enough times that with each instance I’ll get a little better and if I do it regularly for decades, I’ll hopefully be in a different sphere.

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