Piety Indeed

A picture I sent someone today of me with a fig tree

Alright morning pages, I’m back after my monthly day off. Today is a good day to come back to/too because the date has four twos. 42, what more could you ask for? I hope there’s a word for when several numbers are in a row, 777 being the famous slot machine or if a person would say, “It’s 11:11 make a wish. I just made a wish right now. Anyway yesterday was my day off after completing 30 days of doing a hour of drawing a day, today was the first day of doing an hour and a half of a drawing for 30 days. I actually spent most of that time doing a little painting for a friend of mine. I might have told you before but I have these canvas sheets that I’d like to put a painting on one side and then write a letter on the other, then I can mail the painting/letter to a person. I still have to test the concept that I can even write a letter on the back without destroying the painting, but one step at a time. I did a painting today because tomorrow is the beginning of my portrait painting class. The class runs every Monday in February. I want to losing up the painting muscles because I haven’t used them in awhile. It felt good to paint, drawing is obviously monotone but in the repetitive sense as well. The variation of strokes I can make with a brush is practically unlimited compared to a pencil. I hope the class goes well, I don’t have any sort of expectations except to listen to what my teacher says and try to use it to make a painting. The teacher is one I’ve had twice before, so there shouldn’t be anything too surprising.

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