See a drop of water taking up the hole in a piece of mesh

my biggest pilea

I’m writing this outside because I just remembered to do it. It’s been raining for the last two days, but let up and is surprisingly dry now. The warmth is nice and makes me think that winter is almost over. Soon I’ll be able to go outside again. I do have to worry about allergies. Spring was rough last year, but not as rough as the first year’s fall allergies. Second year fall allergies actually were pretty mild, I like to hope my body will just get used to the location, but we’ve also gotten into a good routine of medicating through allergies. I started taking meds yesterday and I suppose if I have to do it daily for the next two months to have a normal life, I’ll put up with it. My eyes are on fire when I wake up. I better not let my wife see this because she’ll tell me I should use eye drops. Eye drops are such a pain because you have to land it on your eye. Do you know how many times I’ve missed my mouth when taking a pill? Very few, but I screw up eye drops a bunch, at best I have to waste like three seconds to make sure I do it right. I can’t live in the same world as eye drops. I was talking to some new friends about planning a friends vacation. That will be really exciting if it happens. My boss neighbor said he started the painting he’s going to do of me. I had a really exciting idea about it if he lets me keep it with my tiger painting. I don’t think I’ve shown you my tiger painting yet, but it’s pretty cool and I’m already in the works of a fun idea with that.

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