Clawing their way to the top

It’s been a long time, but I didn’t do my morning pages yesterday and I think it calls for some restructuring. Winter teases out some laziness as we tend to hibernating. I was considering myself lucky if I got through Winter without gaining a bunch of weight, but I think we’re going to start to see temps  rise and I’d like to get back on track. I’m writing my morning pages in the morning like the name intended them to be; a habit I’ve fallen off of for awhile.. I’m going to see what I need to get back on my diet. As a side note, I can see why New Years resolutions fail because at this point in the year I have this, “I don’t care about a month ago” attitude and just want to survive the cold. I thought about sleeping on the floor to readjust myself to temperature and comfort, at the very least I went on my walk without gloves to expose myself a little bit. It’s funny how quickly we go from fighting for warmth to cranking the AC. That’s the root of some problems I tell you what. What I was saying was I’m gonna get my diet straightened out because without planning it I feel like I don’t eat enough all day and then binge at night. I haven’t blown up like in the past, but my biggest complaint is I feel an inconsistency of energy that one would expect. I’ll try to do a bit of a dopamine reset this morning since I’ve got nothing going on until my painting class tonight. That means the only other thing I have to get done today is write this. It’s also raining all day and that’ll be a treat, now I’ve gotta figure out what I’m eating today, hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow morning.

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