Unpoppable thought bubble

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, I started exercising again and I know from experience that my energy has to be put into making sure I don’t crash. There was even a moment yesterday well after I had finished exercising and that’s the thing, your body has a reaction outside of the time you spend exercising.Continue reading “Unpoppable thought bubble”

Pretty Pair of Peaches

This morning is feeling pretty good. I’ve been working with this anti snoring device I got, they’re tubes that go in my nostrils to allow for more air to pass. I don’t really snore, but I don’t get enough air by breathing through my nose so when I sleep my mouth opens up. The antiContinue reading “Pretty Pair of Peaches”

Bubbling lo mein below me

I fell short of my first dieting challenge. I usually go to bed around 10 pm and at 9:30 pm I gave in to temptation and had something to eat. It was only a banana and some juice, but still it wasn’t in the diet, so three days of dieting was not accomplished. I’ll haveContinue reading “Bubbling lo mein below me”

Decidedly Delicious Dedication

I started restricting my calories this week, so I feel low energy. My goal is to follow my diet for three days in a row, which I can accomplish today. With how I’m feeling now, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stick to my diet, but I’m trying. My success overContinue reading “Decidedly Delicious Dedication”

You found me

Today will be interesting I’m sure. I’ve got a feeling, though no reason to have any feelings. I don’t have anything going on today. Yesterday was pretty good, I managed to do my diet yesterday. The word diet is a tricky one because there is a connection to a painful regime to accomplish something. IContinue reading “You found me”

More on morons

Mary helped come up with that title. Today has started as an amazing day. First off I slept like a rock and woke up a little after 7:00 AM from my dog crying to be let out. We got to sleep in because my wife usually has surgeries today, but didn’t have any scheduled. AfterContinue reading “More on morons”

Clawing their way to the top

It’s been a long time, but I didn’t do my morning pages yesterday and I think it calls for some restructuring. Winter teases out some laziness as we tend to hibernating. I was considering myself lucky if I got through Winter without gaining a bunch of weight, but I think we’re going to start toContinue reading “Clawing their way to the top”

The Sun is Shinning Inside

Alright, I’ve got my Monday workout in the bag, only things left in order to call today a good day are writing this and doing my drawing. I woke up around 5:45 am this morning and my wife’s alarm doesn’t go off until 6:20. She then has an alarm go off five minutes later andContinue reading “The Sun is Shinning Inside”