I’m a few words short, but I’ll pay you back

My dog 5 years ago

Pup and my wife are next to me fighting over a sock. I guess the dog just got something in his mouth, maybe a hair poked the inside of his mouth. Life is going well today. We had the land lord(LL aka James) come over to help with our oven. Yesterday it stopped working and the display said “SAb”. Come to find out it was switched into Sabbath mode where the oven turns off for 72 hours. I don’t even know why ovens would be built with that. James also said it was ok for me to trim back a tree in my yard to provide more sun for my farm. This was done in conjunction with ordering more plants, so that’s exciting. I’m supposed to be decreasing my plant collection! Well there’s always a strong chance that most of the plants will die and that’s plant life when you’re too lazy to properly research and take care of your plants. Secondly I mostly want to push my plants into a more eclectic collection. I’ve finally ordered the bleeding heart plant, I know it’s been on my radar for awhile as an oddity, hopefully it survives.

This was just a really lovely weekend of relaxing and spending time with my wife. She even went on a picnic with her mom while I was able to catch some sun rays in the back yard. We were laying in bed tonight looking at pictures of one of our first vacations from five years ago. Five seems like a small number, but so much happens in that time span. Still it’s nice to look back on our time together. Pretty much none of what we planed happened, what did happen came out of no where, and I couldn’t be happier it did.

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