No one told me there’d be paperwork

Found some fungus among us

I’m getting an urgent message from the presses write now. Wait, hold on, it’s coming through morse code so it’ll be awhile and we’ll have to send it over to the boys who are blue. That sad bois are always the best cryptographers. Today is a leap day! This is madness, and to only find out at 10 pm, what should I do with myself. I’ll have to throw a party, but I’ll never fit into my dress in time. I should settle for an amazing leap day, my wife showed me a picture from last leap day, so maybe in four years I’ll be reading this. Hello future Chris, today you wrestled with the fiery dragons and even your wife joined in on the action. Afterwards she needed to recover with a nap. You woke her up with a foot massage shared your love for each other. Later you went to the liquor store to restocked the bar cart. The two of you watched an episode of the Netflix series Greatest Events in WWII in Colour on D-Day and then watched The Three Caballeros. For lunch you drove to pick up Panera where you finally had one of their bread bowls with french onion soup. At dinner the two of you made tacos and drinks. Something happened with the oven and it may be dead, but the land lord will be coming by tomorrow to see what he can do. With all of that going on, today was a pretty perfect day, who could imagine having a better leap day? I even reached out to Leap Dave Williams and he replied, “Real life is for March!” He’s always been so wise. I would really like to go on a run tomorrow and generally am hoping I can get some exercise in because we’ll be on a beach in a couple weeks and I’m not going to complain if I looked a little tighter.

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