Let’s Be Real

Day two of vacation? Who knows what is going on, we were planning to be on vacation at this time and we essentially are. Everything feels weird because on one hand we want to be enjoying the time off, but on the other feel as though we should be panicking and hoarding food like the rest of our fellow humans. A couple years ago, Mary and I were living in Houston when it flooded. Basically, we felt like our house was on the highest hill in town because we would go down the street one block and people would be driving boats around where there were previously roads. We lost electricity in the middle of a Houston Summer and we still had a fun time. There’s also that time I was in war, so I don’t perceive danger the same as other people and I’m not going to bend to a bunch of know nothings shouting on the internet. I’m going to enjoy the time I have with my wife and the only thing I need in order to do that is her. I’m going to laugh as much as possible and not feel guilty about it. It’s not like I’m not compassionate to other people’s suffering. I make myself aware of a lot of different types of suffering in the world, and while it may be trendy to hop on this virus, there are people going through worse. I’ve spent so much time thinking of what can I do for the world, what sort of difference is even possible. To one extent, the best way I can help people is to help my wife and she is seriously helpful to people. I trust my gut and my gut is saying enjoy life with your love and be ready for anything tomorrow.

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