Ides of March

Hey Mary, sorry I’ve been away from you all day. My wife has been wanting my attention a lot lately. We’re trying to stay busy and stocked for supplies. They say we’re on lock down for two weeks, but won’t tell us what’s going on. Something bad happened and we have to lay low, it’s too dangerous to go outside. The wind has turned against us. We’ll get through this though, I’m not worried. Soon enough this will all seem like a strange dream, then as with all dreams, we’ll begin to forget the events that happened. By now people have certainly been forgetting the sequence of events. Then a great Iliad will be revealed, the story that we can all share; Our Culture. 

I spend a lot of time trying to be alone because I believe it’s challenging to have an original idea. There will always be veins of those who influenced us in what we do and think. Think, do and say. Father, son and holy ghost? Obviously that’s not very original, but that’s the flip side of the coin, as the tree grows up towards the sky, it goes just as deep into the ground. That is, as one explores new territory, they end up going deeper into their past. Anyway, I try to minimize the sources which I let influence my thinking. I suppose that is something that makes me different than most people. I see attention as the most valuable commodity out there. I know what can be done to a person when you have their attention, it’s one of the reasons I’m a scholar of propaganda. The media we’re exposed to shapes who we are, it’s up to the individual to first know who they would like to be and then commit to consuming the message of that path.

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