Simple Support Supplied to Survive

I’m back in the morning. I’m sitting down to eat a breakfast of yesterday’s tamales. Another day in paradise, right? My wife goes back to work tomorrow, so we’ll see the sort of storm that’s happening then. A whole world shaped by humans, and not a single person on the planet knows what’s happening. It’s hard to even write this, I don’t know what to say or what direction my thoughts should even go in. I’m supplied to survive for a couple of months, but if it comes to that there are going to be global problems that will be awhile before we recover. I think it’s natural to question if life will ever be like it was before, then again that’s probably what people do after every big event and of course things won’t be the same. I tell myself I don’t even believe I’m the same person when I wake up. I’m given a day at most to live and when I go to sleep, a new person takes over. We were born into this world with thousands of years of history coming before and we learned to make due. We’ll do the same with this. The sad thing for now is that the house is still burning and we don’t know when we’ll be able to go in and assess the damage. I want to move on with my topics, as does everyone else I’m sure, but what else can I think about? Everyone is reading story after story as new details break. I also have to ask how much worse this event has been made by people dragging their feet, expecting the media to be blowing things out of proportion like they have for the last decade. Maybe there’ll be new restrictions on who can say what on the internet. One day at a time.

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