Tormenting tourists towards two or more tournaments

Greenhouse carpet

Golly I don’t know where to start. My wacky brain wants to buy land and finally make my homestead. It’s something I’m fully equipped to do, but almost felt like it was a fantasy. Is it even possible? I don’t know, but we’re talking about the ultimate test of survivability. I don’t care about anyone’s opinions on life if I can live off the land. There’s nothing more truthful than that. I’m swelling with emotions, so I know I can’t make any decisions on anything until my brain calms down. That means lots of time for planning though and nothing should be better planned out than this, so let my lay down some thoughts. I’ve found a 5 acre plot of land I could buy at the flip of a switch, so tomorrow I could drive out to the 5 acres I own and plant a tree there. I have improved the world and increased the likelihood humans will be able to feed themselves, I am then a success.

Moving forward, I’ll have to get the land surveyed. Realistically I’d do surveying sort of work before offering to buy, but for the thought experiment. I want as much information as possible. I believe plans would be to have a farm/orchid and a house. The house probably won’t be that big, but is the most important. I’ll want to know what the best spot on the land would be for a house. No, I want to know the best two spots! I’m going to see how far I can go making a 100% off the grid house and that will be in the second best spot. Some day I hope to convince my wife that this land is so abundant that we should build a house there. The house we pay professionals to build and connect to the grid can be in the best spot. The rest will be my sandbox.

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