Dark Clouds, Light Laughter

Veins of a leaf

Where’s my head at today? Well, I went for a run when I woke up, so that helped clear things up. There is a lingering feeling that comes with the state of emergency that has me wanting to scream in frustration. That’s why I’ve decided I need to get land. If I had my own land that I was able to live off of, I wouldn’t have to put up with any inconveniences brought about by the ineptitudes of bloated corporations and governments. I got distracted in life, wanting to enjoy the pleasures of the finer things. I don’t belong with the finer things anyway, I should be sleeping in the mud next to where I spent the day working. That’s where I have to get back to, that’s where I’ll feel at home. I took my socks off to stand in the green house the other day. I don’t know how longs it’s been since I last touched the Earth with my skin, but I believe there is a current that runs through the Earth as well as us when we’re not blocking it with rubber soles. It’s good to check in with our roots occasionally. If you’ve completely lost where you come from, then there’s no way of telling you’re still traveling in the direction you want to. I have a lot of research to do before any work can happen, but the good news is I can start planting trees without any research. I’ll have to figure out efficient means of watering them, but I can do it inefficiently for a little while too. I want to do something, but idk, I’m starting to go off the deep end a bit. At least I finished a book today. My philosophy on life can be described as, “Read and Write”.

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