Poodles Ponder Puddles partly past prime

I’ll make this pledge to you Mary. I’m going to sketch out and understand the final versions of the buildings I would like to put on my land. I will also lay out a plan for what I would do with the land. I’m going to assume I have two acres because realistically that’s all I think I’d be able to keep up. That also keeps my goal within my price range if I want to be snooty and demand the perfect parcel or if I sacrifice cost to close the deal and get started right away. With that pasture land, I will expect to have water and electric on site. I’m going to find out where the limit of my local electric company is and try to stay under their umbrella, it’s a good company and I’d be happy working with them. Part of getting older is realizing who you are, what you’re capable of, but also who you don’t like to be around and what bad people look like. The buildings I am considering that need detailed drawings are my house, bathroom, greenhouse, and a barn. I want to see if I can figure out a way to calculate making those four places self sustaining, and then sketch them out. That means, solar energy, natural heating, and recycling rainwater. At the same time I’m sketching out what my plan would be for growing my own food. Now, I don’t need to grow enough to feed myself, though it will be the long term self sustaining plan. First I’d work on building a farm that can make enough money to pay my bills. The next step is making sketching and solving every little problem that occurs while fully building my life and figuring out how much that would cost.

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