Hearing hallow howls, seeing secret seals

One day I hope this fern is as wide as I am tall

Against all the odds, I redrew my toilet today. Of course it went way faster than it did yesterday because I got most of the kinks out. That’s exactly what I’m setting out to do now, work out kinks. Everyday I’m gonna set out to find kinks and go to work on them. I won’t stop kinking until I’m satisfied. Sorry, got distracted by something. The toilet is only one part of the out house. Next I’ll work on the house part of it. The big lesson I’ve learned and actually with my mistake yesterday it was the second time I had to learn was that I have to imagine the end result and work backwards. Yesterday I forgot to take in account the thickness of the outside walls. 

Moving on, I also pulled a couple ferns out of the green house today. It’s been so rainy lately that they could enjoy it, but wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I pull them out and check the weather there was no rain on the 10 day forecast. One way to get rid of the rain is to start hoping it rains. I put a couple other plants in new pots today. There’s this wild one that I could call a purple cousin of Pathos. The plant is super hardy and looks like it wants to grow roots all over. Breaking some root heavy parts, I either put them somewhere else in the same pot or in its own pot. Life seems to be calming down, but there’s a graph I remember seeing from the 2008 recession. It was quarterly real GDP, there was an initial dip into the negative one quarter, then it recovered to the positive the next quarter. The third quarter was down at the dip again, the quarter after that was three times as low. For Americans, there are a lot of ladder rungs we can fall before hitting bottom. I’m thankful for that and sorry for the people who aren’t able to do it.

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