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My new fern frond opened

Oh boi, a journey of a thousand miles starts with tying your shoes. Actually it would start with making a packing list of what you’ll need to get there. Before that it would be helpful if you knew where the journey was going to end so you can figure out what is needed. Researching land sucks. There’s so much back and forth of checking maps because ultimately there’s a reason people live on all the other pieces of land and not this one. I have to figure out that reason with every plot I think looks good. That’s why I decided to only search for my perfect plots of land. If I did this level of research into every piece of land out there, I’d be lucky to to finish what’s available now, when I’m 70. In the end there will only be one piece of land that I do all the research on, right now is the time when they get tested on how many levels of weight they can support. This also improves the testing system because frankly I don’t really know what to ask a person when that time comes, so I’d like to talk to somebody and figure out some sort of language. I’m going to email this county building inspector to see what sort of information I can get. I figure now is a good time to email people because everyone is working from home anyway. Today I also did my first sketch of the building part of my outhouse, and I don’t mind tooting my own horn, but it looks pretty nice; I mean for me. Maybe tomorrow or the future I’ll get down all the specs and redraw it to scale. Not only does taking the time to make a superb drawing ease the buying and building process, but when it comes time for permits I think these drawings will be load bearing. Construction puns.

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