Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Mary is in the other room preparing dinner. We’re having chicken, I’m very excited for it because it’s a whole chicken. When You have a whole chicken, the meat is so much juicier. I’ve been thinking a lot about growing and eating my own animals. I think I’m warming up to the idea and if I had to keep animals around for like three months, I’ll probably be happy to take a break from caring for them. I’d have to start small, probably only one.

I’ve now eaten dinner, it was delicious and we even sat on the front porch for a little bit afterwards. What I’m really enjoying about the quarantine is getting to enjoy our house. We put time into making it look nice, but I think everyone gets caught up in a cycle where things must continue to improve and the American way is that the amount of improvement must improve. That’s why we have to have recessions. We’re creating something out of nothing and eventually the system has to catch up and cool down. The big question everyone always wonders when it stops is will it start up again. “The party is over” is a phrase I heard a lot when this all started. The idea people are afraid of is if we as a society have peaked and things will never be as good as they were again. This is a common fear of the world because people fear it in their individual lives. I don’t believe it happens though. The person who “peaked” at a young age still has a great life. When a person isn’t in the top percentage of competitors, that doesn’t mean they aren’t living. There may be new conditions for our life going forward, but we were born into certain conditions we didn’t get to choose already.

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