I wrote a letter to my friend Qewbert today, I remarked on the date then and I’m remarking on it now. It’s a nice date, everyday can be a fun day when you enjoy numbers. Mary asked me to paint with her tomorrow. This can be terrifying. I actually thought that I should teach her to paint because I think the part of painting that I struggle at, she would already be better than me at. That’s why I should have a sledge hammer. I was day dreaming earlier about how I would teach a cow to pull a plow. I don’t think it would be too hard, but I think renting a tiller would be smart. Then I figured I’m just going to buy a tiller, I know I’m going to keep coming back to it. It’s like with buying bags of dirt, there’s no such thing as too much. I have to get mulch soon, but I really need to move the spare car we have in our driveway. That car is a such a weird character in our lives. Definitely our red headed step child. If we could just right click that car and delete it, we would be happy. That’s honestly how I felt clearing out the front gardens, like I was dragging a box. I have a similar feeling when it comes to imagining buildings. I’m happy to be alive and the future is looking like a lot of fun. Maybe the world will have some sort of Spring Break that lasts months. What is the world going through? There’s no telling what the effects will be and how long they last. The thing with convincing people to be afraid of everything is then it’s hard to calm them down. Maybe you never want them to calm down, but that’s not stable. Everyone is after their stability.

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