Americans are Tea Tossing Tiger Trainers

Now I make pretty things. Swiss cheese monstera

I can’t stay long today, I’ve got to start this movie. I’m going to watch SLC Punk, I was thinking it is one of the most influential movies of my life. It’s like my guilty pleasure, because at my core I’m a punk. There was one time a bouncer tried to throw me out for what I felt was the wrong reasons. In his defense I had just dropped my beer and it made a mess with broken glass. The wrongful accusation I say was he told me he warned me. He did no such thing, I suppose it’s possible that he warned me and I was too drunk to remember. Anyway, I got kicked out of the bar and I’m like, “I’m not going anywhere, you did not warn me!” The manager or w/e comes out to try and get rid of me, somewhere in the arguments someone says the word “punk”. It clicks with me, I was being a punk for the fun of it. I apologized to everyone and headed home as quick as I could. I like arguing, and I like picking fights. I’ve often said the only time you’re reminded that you’re alive is when you almost die. In some sense I live near that line so I live as much as possible. When I was drinking heavy, I was a mess. I was the cannon ball and the booze were the gun powder. All these stories are running through my head but each requires so much detail to tell correctly. I don’t want to look bad, so I’ll just type the sentences as they come into my brain. Breaking into the basement of a bar, having a bouncer chase me down and I found a second door that led back to the bar so not only did I escape but stayed in the bar. Waking up on a hospital gurney in a hospital because cops made my friends call an ambulance saying I was too drunk. I had to work at 6 am the next morning, so I woke up in the hospital and started pulling stuff out and working my way towards the door. First time I slept on a bathroom floor was during a college pride (drinking) day. I’m actually surprised I never got stitches from any of that stuff, but not like I would have gotten them done if I needed them.

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