Slip Slop? This is Hip Hop

Sage herb

I want to write this everyday, it’s difficult is all. I almost feel like I don’t want to reflect on my day because 1. I feel like I didn’t do anything and 2. These aren’t super happy days that we want to look at. I’m having a good time with my wife and yesterday we spent some more time together. Everything is weird right now, so there’s no comfortable way to do anything. The plants are continuing to grow, I’m continuing to figure out what it would take to run a farm and that’s basically life for me. We planted some Zinnia and Sunflower seeds in the front garden and yesterday was the first day we started to see them bud. It’ll be a lot of fun watching those seeds grow, like today they’ll probably have another growth spurt because it rained last night. While the seeds are doing lots of exciting things, hopefully the other plants in the garden will be spreading their roots. The thinking is to have a variety of plants with different timelines so everyday is something interesting. By the time the seeds reach their adulthood, the other plants will have something exciting going on. After that, it’ll be close to fall and I’ll be rushing to keep what I can alive during the Winter. Thank goodness we’re safely in Spring now, the sun is already pretty intense and I don’t see it lightening up as the year goes on. The Earth is such a strange place. I can spend all my time thinking, learn a lot and still have a lifetime of learning ahead of me. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to safely compost human waste. I think for the most part, the compost needs plenty of time to break down, but the worry is that diseases are killed by keeping the compost at a high temp for long enough. Composting done right has no problem generating heat.

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