She Shall Shout

Pup with mustard greens

I’m in the middle of baking cupcakes, black velvet don’tcha know. In about four minutes I’ll have to pull them out because they should already be done, but the ones in the center are still a little soupy. They’re my take on velvet lava cake. I’ve been thinking about my back yard a lot. I have to call about mulch tomorrow. I’m partly scared to because I might find out I can’t get mulch right now and it’s one less thing I’m allowed to do. When the country shuts down, it really shut down. Even if I can’t get mulch from the city, it is possible to get free mulch from a saw mill and worst case scenario I’ve seen ads online to fill your truck for $20 and that’s not the worst fate in the world. I’m planning on squaring off the garden in the backyard. Today I was envisioning a solar panel and battery box in the back corner, then I could power a water pump. I would be able to have a fountain or waterfall, even some fish in a small pond. I don’t know what I’d want to do because that is many steps away, but first step I know I want to do is a fill my yard with mulch. I also decided today it would probably be best to build an indoor growing area rather than making a green house in the backyard. Checking out the green house I’m already using, if that were to break and in some way it already did, it would be simple to replace the plastic entirely and build doors on it. For now I want to get some very basic and big stuff out of the way. Nothing has to be done, thankfully, but having a couple fun projects to juggle helps keep me distracted. I know I’m not going to be doing myself any favors by sitting around in my head for the next year.

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