You used to use your yelling for yoking yonder younglings

Sage flowers

This is my time, the words are given to me and I must let go of them. I just got back from the back yard with Mary and I’m about to have some pizza. This morning I planted my three sisters(corn, pole green beans, and squash) in the rest of the garden. I wanted to give them their own garden bed and I was going to do it up spectacularly. I still might, but right now my seedlings need to be placed in the ground and I don’t have the mulch required for a new bed. Hopefully on Monday I’ll call about the free mulch because the fact that I’m being held back by something so easy is sad. I guess I’ve been distracted with the purchasing land idea and fair enough because it was intended to be a distraction. Yesterday I was able to talk to some loan officers and basically learned I’ll need a 20% down payments, it’s not the worst news in the world and I was already expecting it. Now that I have confirmation, I know what I have to do; save up for a down payment. We’re not far off now and if things were perfect, we could manage it, but if you’re rushing and scrambling then that’s not perfect. I have a plan that basically requires me to do nothing, but it takes time. All this means with the combined time it will take to do the paperwork, the only land I’m growing on this Summer is the one I already have. That’s fine, it’s cheap, easy, and offers exponential growth. I’m wondering if I’ll get back into painting to help pass time, but there is still a lot I have to learn. There’s also work I could be doing around the house. I’m mostly waiting for the craziness to pass before going to a hardware store. We’ll see what next week brings.

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