Blasting by these full-bodied beats

Kale flowers ready to pop

Happy April 20th to all those who celebrate it. I actually spent some time cutting down trees this morning. There were some branches that were leaning on my shed, I think it actually caused part of the shed to rot and now it leaks. I wanted to get rid of those branches to increase the amount of light I have in my yard, but now I can think about fixing up the shed. I was storing wood in the shed that I was given while I was in woodworking, some of it has had water on it and now may be ruined. At the very least no one wants a leaky roof and it would be a good project to get practice on.

Honestly I feel like I need to take a moment to breath because I keep thinking of projects that would be good for me and hitting dead ends because of virus shut downs. It’s a little maddening, feels like walls are closing in on me. I had another sleep paralysis dream last night, I was basically dreaming of that. I had solved this problem with painting before, but that requires an energy I can’t seem to muster up. I heard someone say, “The new work week is yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” I thought it was on point. I hear people talk about the peak of the virus and I don’t care, it’s gonna do what it’s gonna do, as nature intends. What’s more worrying is willfully shutting down society, what if it can’t restart? It’s not like we can historically look at what nations have done in the past. I don’t think anything that bad will happen, but I’m trying to show the real danger was never nature. I’d be willing to bet more people will be hurt by decisions made by humans now than any disease has ever done. If that isn’t reason enough to turn on, tune in, and drop out, then I don’t know what is.

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