For Fast Freddy

Climbing the rope

I’ve got a new routine I’ve been trying out. After I make breakfast for my wife, I do a little reading. Then I want to watch an educational video and write my morning pages. I don’t know if I want to watch the video first, but I think writing requires more energy and should be done first. All that excitement is hopefully done before 8 AM and that’s when I’ll have breakfast. Yesterday, I saw a scary number on the scale and am trying to be better about what I eat. Self control is hard though, my wife caught me last night trying to sneak in a bowl of cereal after I had already eaten. There’s an attitude of “screw it, the world’s coming to an end” that’s hard to shake and it talks me into letting my impulse drive the machine. The world isn’t coming to an end though and I should be working on improving myself and situation for the future. I have to take care of my body just like I have to take care of anything else and in fact it’s the most important thing. 

I went to Home Depot yesterday mostly because I could, our city has lifted the shelter in place restrictions, but I also need to feel more comfortable there and with what they have so I can think better. The other part of thinking better is reading this book on home building, and eating healthy. Two small projects I might do to build my comfort is turn one cinder block into a stand for my pitcher plant and the other is to build a wooden cube. The cube can be used for anything, but it’s about buying the material and building something, I’ve got to warm up. A bigger project that combines these skills is to build a pull up/dips stand, so I can get some more casual exercising in. By that I mean exercise I can do when I’m in the back yard because the equipment is right there, like my climbing rope.

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