Broad shoulders catch more rain

Sleepy pup

I wasn’t here yesterday, but sometimes I need to take a day off if only to take a day off. I think yesterday was a good day. It’s hard to tell what days are anymore, everything blends together. Let’s see, yesterday I repotted my autumn fern. That’s a fern the grown new fronds in orange and red colors. I decided yesterday that I lied the leaf structure on the autumn fern than the boston fern, which I think is the only other kind of fern I have, so I put the autumn fern into a bigger pot. I had set up a tent in the yard last night and was going to sleep in it until Mary told me a storm was coming in, so I took down my tent. The storm sounded and looked scary, but we didn’t get more than a couple drops of rain. 

I reached a new level of boredom yesterday by basically hitting a dead-end with the videos Youtube was recommending me. I was reloading pages multiple times to try and find a new video. I don’t like algorithm recommendations because it’s going to show me what it thinks I’m interested in, then I’m going to watch more videos on the topic. The company providing the algo likes this because I’m consuming lots of content, but I reach a point like I did yesterday where all the content that’s being recommended to me falls into about three niche subjects that I’ve been watching for a couple months. I need to explore new ideas, and problems happen when companies like Youtube filter their trending page. That is made to appeal to the largest group of people, well I’m an outlier so it doesn’t serve me. I ended up thinking of new, random ideas to search for to add more variety to my algo

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