Beware of Bugs Below

I think they look cool

I’m going to check out another house today. I don’t think there’s much chance of us wanting it because it is squeezed between a church and train tracks. We’re going anyway because it doesn’t hurt and we have to be active if we want to get things done. No body is going to serve the world to you; it’s worked for. I liked both the places we went to yesterday, there was one place that was built in the 50’s the is pretty wonky. I think they added an expansion and the center of the house became a cross roads. If not for that busy center, it would probably be higher on the list. The other house has some cosmetics we’d change, but it’s move in ready and I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a house that I wouldn’t want to make some tweaks to. Making changes is the fun part of the whole operation, only right now as a renter I don’t want to invest time and money into anything that I won’t get to keep, or worse the landlord could dislike the changes and I’ll have to undo my work. Owning a house is about that area being mine and if I know how to build a house from the ground up, I can do anything I want with it. 

I didn’t eat much yesterday, I’m sure part of it was nerves from doing a new thing, but there’s another idea I had in mind. I had been telling myself part of not eating and house “hunting” is to maintain focus. I don’t eat unless I get a kill. I can extend that further to other aspects of life, but it should seem pretty obvious. It would be the same as fighters not having sex before a fight and the Shakespeare quote I like about the lean man. The comfortable person is not as dangerous as the one backed into a corner.

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