Hear Clear Space

We just returned from another visit to the house we’re interested in. It still looks pretty good, we only saw the outside I feel better about it now that we’ve taken time to slowly walk around and look. Our vision leaves out so much information that our brains normally think isn’t important, like an electrical box on the side of the house is painted the same color as the house. If I were a guest visiting the house, I probably wouldn’t know that electrical box is there, but as an owner it’s important to take a minute looking at the box in case anything is wrong with it. It’s a very exciting time, things are looking good and we’ll continue gathering information. House stuff is probably the only big thing going on in my life. The garden projects I started in the last couple of months are moving along nicely, but I don’t spend much brain power on them. The work is more like everyday I have to walk through the gardens, I do this for pleasure, but while there I’ll notice weeds that have to be pulled. At this point the best strategy is to pull weeds everyday until the roots from the plants I want form a web to choke out the wounded weeds. I was going to say, “It’s easy work though.” Then I thought, I do have to get dirty to do it and I’m hunched over to pull weeds, so I realized pulling weeds is not easy work I just enjoy doing it. Every time I pull a weed it makes my garden look better and strengthens something I’m building, so I get an internal satisfaction from doing it. Not to mention the location, where else would I rather work than a garden next to my house?

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